October 24th

Sustainable Sushi is an environmental website.  Although it is primarily focused on marine issues, it should be used from time to time to acknowledge those topics that transcend the ocean’s surface and reach beyond the boundary of the surf. One such issue is global climate change.

As you may be aware, October 24th was the International Day of Climate Action.  In over 100 countries across the planet, people of all ages, races and creeds came together to demonstrate their desire for strong and timely leadership on climate change.

From the Pyramids of Egypt to the reefs below the waters of the sinking Maldives, concerned world citizens displayed signs that read “350″ (the level of carbon, in parts per million, that can be sustained in the atmosphere without causing climate change… we’re currently around 394).

I encourage everyone to visit www.350.org and witness the amazing displays of enthusiasm and commitment that climate change advocates around the world demonstrated last Saturday.

For the next generation... the Houks, the Torrettos, and everyone else too

As for me, I spent October 24th sequestered at a dear friend’s wedding in the remote town of Jemez Springs, New Mexico… but still, we managed to express our feelings on the subject.

Climate change is happening.  It is real, it is devastatingly powerful, and it is truly the great challenge of this generation.  Join the global movement.  We can arrest climate change and restore our environment, but we must work together.

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