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It's getting hot in here

It's getting hot in here

I’m back from a much-needed vacation and ready to get cracking.

As you are likely aware, the oceans are continuing to heat up (both literally and figuratively, unfortunately.)  we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of articles in the mainstream press about overfishing, piracy, fishery collapses, acidification, trade disputes, and more.

I’ve got several pending articles on my plate but I do want to float a suggestion so we can better get at the issues that are of the biggest concern to you, the readership.

One of the ideas that I received a couple of weeks ago was to allow readers to ask direct questions that would then be used to formulate articles.  I think this is a great idea, as I do have a tendency to get a bit off-topic and this would serve to keep my pen reigned in a bit and to ensure that the entries I’m writing are indeed of interest to folks that visit this site.

Have you heard the news?

Have you heard the news?

So, let me ask — what’s on your mind?  Concerned about the bluefin tuna hullabaloo going on in Europe?  How about the New York Times front page article on hoki?  Maybe your interest is piqued by all the new money the Canadian government is pouring into aquaculture?  Is it the ongoing crisis within the Chilean salmon farming industry (they brought it on themselves) that’s got your attention?  Or maybe something else entirely?

Please either post your questions and topics of interest here or send them to, and I’ll take it from there.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Sushi Hound
Sep 13, 2009 at 1:07 am

Can you post menus of the 3 U.S. sushi restaurants that are sustainable (Tataki in San Francisco, Bamboo in Portland, & Mashiko in Seattle)? Then compare them to the ocean-rapers like Nobu? I have eaten @ all 4 restaurants. Tataki is clearly head & shoulders above the rest, but Mashiko & Bamboo are coming on strong. Nobu is a disappointment in so many ways.



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