Sustainable sushi in the news, Spring 2009

I want to take a few moments to acknowledge the journalists that have been doing so much to promote sustainable sushi in the past few weeks.

Some quick thank-yous:

To Clair Leschin for her wonderfully supportive piece on sustainable sushi in the Christian Science Monitor;

To the Seattle Times’ Nancy Leson for her flame-stoking article on Mashiko, the cooperative effort of chef Hajime Sato and myself to create Seattle’s first sustainable sushi restaurant;

To Katharine Mieszkowski of for a powerful take on sushi and the current plight of the bluefin tuna;

To Laurel House for an insightful roster of ten steps we can all take to support sustainable sushi for’s Planet Green;

To the Seattle Weekly’s Jonathan Kauffman for his examination of sustainable sushi and consumer habits, as well as some pomp and circumstance for the Mashiko launch; and

To Sarah Barmak of NOW Magazine for her muck-raking exposé on the sushi industry and her quest to find sustainable fish in Toronto.

I, as well as the teams at Tataki Sushi Bar and Mashiko, are grateful or your time, interest, and passion.  This movement will not succeed without interest and support from the media.  Having determined and environmentally aware journalists on board with the sustainable sushi movement is absolutely imperative as we move forward.  It has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you; thank you all so much.

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