Contest update — no snakes to be found

When this contest was first announced, I had guessed that it would result in a relatively quick and painless process of trial and error.  We’d test each entry, judge them internally (and maybe offer samples to customers who happened to be in the restaurant at the time), and announce the winner.  This really doesn’t seem that difficult, right?


The challenge came as a result of the Tataki chefs and I deciding beforehand that we would accept and test all reasonable entries, regardless of whether or not they were in our current supply chain.  I mean, this whole contest was about thinking outside the box, so we wanted to encourage that.  We wanted to be taken by surprise.

Don't tread on me... or eat me, for that matter

Don't tread on me... or eat me, for that matter.

Everything was going fine until someone suggested rattlesnake.  I mean, it’s not a bad idea.  It may have a similar consistency and texture to eel.  Who knows?  We decided that it was a smart entry and that it should be included in the contest.

Unfortunately, it has proven near impossible to get in San Francisco.  In a drawn-out six-week search, I’ve talked to our suppliers, investigated high-end meat stores and exotic importers, even went to Chinatown on a tip we got on Twitter… nothing.  So, in the interest of drawing this contest to a close, I’ve given up.

Unless anyone happens to have some rattlesnake meat and wants to drop it off at Tataki by this weekend, I’m letting it go.  The results of the contest will be posted early next week.  We apologize to Hilary, the one who suggested rattlesnake, for our inability to consider her innovative idea due to the paucity of snakemeat.

Seriously, it’s like we’re in Ireland or something.

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