“View From the Bay” today!

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So how excited am I?  Like, seriously.

The effervescent Janelle Wang has cast her lovely eyes this way, and plucked myself and my dear friend Kin Lui from the great unwashed to appear on her show, “View From the Bay,” today.  Finally, I get to use and abuse someone else’s microphone and camera equipment to rant and rave about sustainable sushi to thousands of people!

We’ll be talking about seafood sustainability and giving the audience some ideas of good and bad options at the sushi bar.  After I’ve exhausted myself, Kin will step in and show everyone how it really happens by working his magic and whipping up an albacore tataki salad.

The show airs at 3pm Pacific time, on KGO-7, San Francisco’s ABC affiliate.

Oh, did I mention this will be live?

For those of you that don’t want to waste time watching us prattle on, I’ll be trying to hit all of the “Bad Five” on the show.   That means I’ll be preaching about farmed salmon, imported farmed shrimp, farmed hamachi, farmed unagi, and bluefin tuna.

You can watch us here.

Comment on this thread and let us know how we did!


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