The 2009 Sustainable Seafood Summit

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It’s that time again for Seafood Choice’s Alliance annual Sustainable Seafood Summit.  This year, it’s in San Diego, which is a nice break from a disturbingly chilly San Francisco.  Of course, there are people here from Nova Scotia, Iceland, and even colder climes, so I really shouldn’t complain.

The purpose of this Summit is to bring together as many representatives as possible from retailers, environmental groups, seafood distributors, producers, media engines, and other sectors to discuss the challenges facing the seafood industry.  In the past, it’s proven to be a very worthwhile way to spend a few days, and I’m confident that this year will be even more enlightening than ever before.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with other fish-obsessed fools like myself and geek out about the state of the planet.

The Summit is hosting various panels on topics as diverse as the future of aquaculture, transparency issues in whitefish fisheries, seafood sustainability in Japan (you know I’ll be at that one).  I’ll do my best to bring you all daily updates on the highlights of these panel discussions.


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