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As the sushi industry begins to wake up to the damage that it has caused, one can hope that some

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chefs will change accordingly. Part of the mission of Sustainable Sushi is to identify those restaurants that are actively working to preserve our oceanic ecosystems and to leave a smaller footprint on our planet.

Restaurants reviewed on this site will be evaluated not on terms of food quality (although it certainly may be mentioned in the review), but rather on the sustainability of the seafood offerings on the menu and the perspective of the chef. Does he/she acknowledge that sustainability is an important issue? What kind of fish and shellfish are served? Does the restaurant promote eco-friendly options, or does it sling bluefin tuna without compunction?

The task of writing restaurant reviews is open to all visitors to Sustainable Sushi. Interested in contributing? Read the rules of review post.

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Mar 16, 2009 at 6:46 pm

surprised to find no comments on many articles here! Come on, let’s talk fish!!



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